Events Highlights 2016

Maude Grant, our Medical Communications Manager at SMA® Nutrition, spoke at the Maternity, Midwifery & Baby Forums held in Manchester, Birmingham and London this year. This event was attended by Midwives and other Healthcare Professionals as a regional professional development forum, aiming to update their skills and knowledge around key issues

Maude spoke on the topic of Nutrition in the First 1000 Days and its impact on long-term health. Health experts have identified the first 1000 days of a baby’s life as a vitally important period.1 ’Programming’, which takes place during the first 1000 days from conception to 2 years, has a significant influence on long-term health outcomes.2 A baby’s nutrition during this period is an important factor in programming as it drives growth. Protein is one of the most important nutrients for growth and the optimal rate of growth is that of a breastfed baby.3

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Maude Grant, Medical Communications Manager

Nutrition in the First 1000 Days and its impact on long-term health

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