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Perinatal Mental Health - CPD Modules

Father kissing pregnant mum's baby bump

Online courses developed by Dr Jane Hanley on perinatal mental health.

These 7 modules provide in depth training designed to help healthcare professionals understand the importance of perinatal mental health, it's impact during ill health, when to use assessment tools and management options.

  • 1. Awareness in Perinatal Mental Health

    This is an introduction to the issues in perinatal mental health. It explores the impact of PMH and how it can be recognised and managed.

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  • 2. Assessing Parents’ Mental Health

    This course helps the Practitioner to understand the issues in PMH and to undertake an assessment process using tools and clinical judgement.

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  • 3. Listening Visits in Perinatal Mental Health

    This course continues on from the Awareness of PMH course and explores in more depth the skills and challenges of listening.

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  • 4. Cultural Issues – Cultural differences in Perinatal Mental Health

    This course explores the issues around Perinatal mental Health within differing cultures.

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  • 5. Awareness of the Issues in Antenatal Mental Health

    This course is designed for midwives and other health related professionals who are in contact with pregnant women. It explores the woman’s mental health during the antenatal period, the effect on the foetus and explores ways in which to help the mother.

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  • 6. Fathers and Paternal Depression

    This is a continuation of the Awareness of PMH course and explores the impact of perinatal mental health and the role of the father / partner.

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  • 7. Man Up or Man Down – Fathers Mental Health

    This eLearning course is designed to help the Practitioner understand paternal mental health. It takes approximately 4 – 6 hours to complete.

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