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SMA Alfamino

Severe symptom management1,2


Support digestion and malabsorption3-5


Preferred taste6,7

SMA® Alfamino® is a hypoallergenic (non-allergenic) amino acid formula for the dietary management of severe cows’ milk allergy (CMA) and/or multiple food protein allergies (MFPA) and other conditions where an amino acid is recommended. This formula is designed to provide first-line formula relief from the symptoms associated with severe CMA and/or MFPA1,4. It can also be used in the dietary management of those infants who experience no symptom improvement on extensively hydrolysed formulas (eHFs).1-2,8

SMA® Alfamino® is nutritionally complete from birth and supplementary feeding from 6 months to 3 years of age and formulated to support growth, tolerance and absorption in the most challenging allergy conditions.1-2,9

Halal Certified and Suitable for vegetarians

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Important Notice:

Mothers should be encouraged to continue breastfeeding even when their infants have cows’ milk protein allergy. This usually requires qualified dietary counselling to completely exclude all sources of cows’ milk protein from the mothers’ diet. If a decision to use a special formula intended for infants is taken, it is important to give instructions on correct preparation methods, emphasising that unboiled water, unsterilised bottles or incorrect dilution can all lead to illness. Formula for special medical purposes intended for infants must be used under medical supervision. For healthcare professionals only.