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Getting a taste for weaning: A guide for parents

5 mins

Getting a taste for weaning has been created by a registered dietitian who has accumulated over 20 years of nutrition experience and who is passionate about food and health promotion.

Baby eating with a spoon

Weaning is considered a window of opportunity to introduce baby to a variety of foods, textures and flavours, and teach them that food can be fun as well as nutritious.

There are two main approaches when it comes to weaning: the more traditional manner of starting with pureed spoon-feeds and progressing onto finger food, or baby-led weaning, where the baby has more control and feeds themselves from the beginning. Either option is fine and some parents even use a combination of both.

This guide will take parents through the journey with information on the stages of weaning, frequently asked questions and recipes.

Download a copy below or contact your local Nestle Paediatric Product Specialist to obtain a few copies to give to parents.